Thursday, June 6, 2013

To Capture that Feeling

I wanted to come home as quickly as I could from work today, so I could sit at my keyboard and let all of my feelings of absolute contentment flow from my finger tips to the screen.

Usually, my work hours are split between the library and the Museum everyday. But quite unintentionally, I spent most of today enveloped in Museum business.

It started out this morning when I sat in on a team meeting for the exhibition I'm working on. Because of my class schedule last semester, I missed all the team meetings. This was my first. Important decisions needed to be made, and it looked like a thick battle line was drawn between two camps. But then, by pure inspiration, a new idea was proposed and just like that a solution for a part of the layout of the exhibition was reached. The battle lines were erased. And a realm of possibilities opened up in that tiny little museum. Then the PR person outlined her timeline for the exhibition. I wish I could detail all the exciting things that will be happening in the next four months. But as much as I want to shout it from the rooftops, there's things I just have to keep under wraps for now.

Later, we went to go look at a collection of art of a man who lived just up the street in Springville. We went from room to room examining each piece in a very personal way. After he fed us shrimp and cheese cake among other things. And I just sat there, not believing that this was actually a part of my job.

After we arrived back at the museum, we sat in front of Brian Kershisnik's Nativity. I have to admit, it's taken awhile for Kershisnik to grow on me. But today was the day I really felt something grow within myself as I noticed the tears in the eyes of the angels gathered around in adoration of the Christ Child.

And that feeling grew until it reach to the tips of my fingers. Contentment spread throughout every limb.

Art is a way to process the divine. And I get to be a part of spreading that message to someone else.

My life isn't perfect. But in that moment, it felt pretty close.

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