Monday, June 17, 2013

On Writing Missionaries

Last night I got an email from one of my very favorite Koreans in the entire world (I know almost every Korean I know is my favorite, but this Elder really was one of my favorites), and it read like this:

Hello kkk Thanks for EMail kk Last P-Day is good I Heard the missionary Party I want Join that Party my Grammar is right? or not?
I think is bad kkk.. Sorry I miss all Missionary I Finish this week I go home get facebook Thanks !!
 Ok, well I almost died because that was so precious.
On another note because I was home sick today, I decided to write some other Elders that I know. I wanted to finish with a scripture reference from Alma 26. Verse 18 just popped into my head. So I typed it out, but then thought it might be good to double check it before I pushed send.... Super glad I did. Turns out I was wanting verse 22.  
Last English Class in Suwon. Still miss those Koreans.

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