Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Home

I've recently discovered that while I have book smarts and street smarts, I lack home smarts. The arts of decorating and cooking are completely lost on me. Need an essay written? How about navigating foreign subways? I can do that. But making a place "homey"? Well....

Luckily, Ali has moved into to make up for the areas I lack. (Although, I would like it noted that all picture placement was me...and Ali made them level)

No home is complete without a little Downton. 
The Monet wall.
And with the edition of curtains (sewn by Ali), our closet when from crappy to cute. 
Pictures of the Sistine Chapel in the kitchen? Yeah, we're classy people.
And just in case you thought you were going to get a blog entry without a mention of Korea, here's the rice cooker in which I cooked rice to make kimchee bokumbop last night. ^^

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