Saturday, December 8, 2012

What if I just...?

I like dying my hair dark, and I've been doing it for a little over a year now.

But there's seems to be some trouble with the last round of hair dying. I think the type of dye I used was faulty. So whenever I wash my hair, the dye just seems to soak up all the chemicals in the shampoo and conditioner. And then it doesn't wash out.

But I've decided this dirty washed hair is better than dirty unwashed hair, right? So I just keep washing it every day. But there's gotta be something I can do to fix it.

Which leads me to my next point. I've always wanted to do something absolute crazy to my hair. Like dye it pink. (This is no doubt influenced by my watching Run Lola Run in German class) This crazy scheme is prevented (probably much to the gratitude of my parents... well, my Dad would ok with it I think) by BYU's honor code.

But I've recently come across another crazy alternative to get rid of this weird dirty washed hair fiasco.

The half shave. The original plan was to wait until I move to Korea next year. Buuuuuut, the more I look at pictures. The more I just want to do it now!!!

And whenever I get tired of it, I can just flip my hair to the other side and call it good. Perfect for the occasions when I need to look decently conservative.....

What if I just shaved it off?

I could totally channel my inner Kpop star right? (via)

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