Monday, October 22, 2012

After Hours Party

A friend of a friend had an after hours party at Blickenstaff's.

I was constantly worried someone was going to break a toy, or a body part. There was just something about being in a toy store after hours that made me feel a little rebellious (don't worry, we had permission to be there). I kept hoping a "real" adult would walk in so we could have some "real" supervision. But despite the monkey of responsibility that hung on my back all night, we still had ourselves a little bit of fun.

The most awkward horse riding experience of my life. 

  Av rode that thing reaaal good. 

 Katniss status (and av laughing at me in the background)

The next few photos are supposed to embody our "spirit dating animals"

I'm not sure what the combination of the big crocodile and the little crocodile mean....

Still can't get those cute Korean poses down... ㅜㅜ

Their eyes were soooo creepy. 

 "I can't fit." "Get in so I can take a picture!!"

  Lauren was there in spirit... or hair.


Av said...

I love these pictures! We should coordinate a date night...maybe a girls' night would be better...where we wear our spirit guide shirts and get in touch with our dating spirit animals.

Alison Kae Hatch said...

The little crocodiles mean I want to have BABIES!!!!!

bekah said...

oh right... crocodile babies equals human babies