Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Smell of Summer

I smelled summer today.

I think there are very few smells that make me happier than the smell of summer.

Summer smells like freshly mowed grass, BBQs and campfires with hints of sunscreen, bug spray, and chlorine.

Summer smells fresh and new and clean.

Summer smells like a warm breeze that drifts across your skin as you lay in the sunlight.

Summer smells like fireworks and potato salad.

Summer smells like dusty old books finally getting their chance to be pulled from a bookshelf and read.

Summer smells like the anticipation you feel right before you take a sip of lemonade on a warm afternoon.

Summer smells full of promise, late nights, and belly laughs.

Basically, summer smells delicious.

(Photos via here)

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