Saturday, May 7, 2011

Only in Provo

I love it when nights with no plans turn into the funnest times you've had in awhile.

Last night, we were sitting around our porch trying to come up with something to do for the night.

When someone suggested we go shopping, I immediately agreed.

And then the night went a little like this:

Mall (Where the boys bought clothes, and the girls didn't)

The Chocolate (Where a cazookie was purchased and ate ravenously by myself, and where we spoke in British accents because of the quaintness of it all)

Wal-Mart (Where a shopping cart joust was planned, armor was collected, and where the employees never caught on to what we were doing. Suckas! Also where a can of whip cream was purchased)

CP (Where we played the whip cream game by spraying a spot of whip creme onto our wrists, flung it into the air, and then tried to catch it in our mouths)

A night of fun. All unplanned. And all basically for free. (Except for the cazookie, which was well worth the 3 bucks)

Only in Provo.

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