Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Experiment in Healthy Eating

You remember my summer goal list?

Of course you do!

Tonight, I am pleased to say, I made some major purchases of healthy food. I bought the regulars:
Spinach, sprouts, grapefruit.
But I also added some new fresh veggies to my fridge, including asparagus and tomatoes. I'll let you know how cooking the asparagus goes...I'm still not sure about that one. I don't even know if I bought the best ones there. I just grabbed the dripping little veggies from the produce shelf!

I feel good about this. It's time to get healthy!

Tomorrow, it will be off to the library after work. I just found this gem of a website(I NEED to learn more about graphic design). Which led me to this book. Which I am very excited to read.

This summer is just starting so splendidly... I've got the oodles about it.

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