Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rabies of the Arm

When I registered for German 101 three years ago, I had no idea how many good things would come from it.

One of them being, meeting this girl:

Ali has been traveling all over the country this spring, and I've missed her dearly. She left without even saying goodbye! I only forgave her because I knew I would see her again.

One of the many reasons I love Ali is that she laughs at my jokes. I mean, she actually thinks I'm really funny! What a rare commodity in my life! (Because as Jette says, most people won't "laugh out loud" at my jokes, but "they get where I'm coming from)

Since she arrived yesterday afternoon, we haven't stopped laughing.

Also, the girl knows how to cook. Yesterday, we went to our mutual friend Trent's house for dinner. And the pasta she made was simply delicious.

Another great thing about Ali is we usually have the same opinions about things. And as we left Trent's house last night, we left thinking the exact same thing: Trent's wife is SUPER cool. And we were both really upset we haven't hung out with her sooner. (Blog mate shout out! See Lauren's awesome blog here)

This morning as I drenched my longboarding wound in hydrogen peroxide, Ali was there to quiet my yelps and laugh as I remarked that I looked like I had rabies of the arm. (It was all the foaming...It was funny, ok? I almost took a picture, but then decided against it... too gruesome)

My dear friend is about to embark on a pretty big adventure soon. I won't spill the beans here, because I know there are still a few people she would like to tell in person. But I can't say enough how excited I am for her.

I will miss Ali of course. But I know that I'll see her again. And it will be the same as it always is whenever we're together.

Besides, we still have tonight to do some shenanigans.

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Lauren said...

You are too cute, I agree with all the things posted on here about allie but you are equally fantastic!