Friday, September 24, 2010


I feel old now.

It seems as though the creaks and groans of my body have increased 100 fold since Monday. But maybe that's not true. Maybe that's just my over active imagination.

21 has been good to me so far. The celebrations began almost a week ago. It was a birthday weekend extravaganza never to be forgotten.

The weekend began with Velour. I discovered the new local band Archer's Apple, whom I now love. There we also discovered that Julia can get numbers(ha!), Melinda knows everyone, and I get sleepy by 10:30. Other events in the night included a trip up the canyon, and then a quick jaunt to the Malt Shoppe.

Saturday dawned bright. But the feeling in my stomach was that of dread. Yes, yes, turning 21 had been terrifying me for the past week or so. But that was not the cause of my anxiety. Humanities. of. Islam. MIDTERM. I still don't understand why they call it a "midterm" when it's not in the middle of the semester. I hadn't studied at all. But a 3 hour cram session before the test, and I'd say I was golden. I still haven't gotten the results back yet. So maybe it's too soon to celebrate. (Insert sheepish look here)

My party was fantastic! Shout out to the Ali's who planned everything. The fondue was exceptional; the company, even better. Julia did my make up. I borrowed Tawni's clothes. Everything was perfect. Thank you everyone for the fabulous presents. My favorite was Starry Night from the boys of N305.... Even though it wasn't really theirs to give...

Monday was the actual anniversary of my birth. I had low expectations of anything exciting happening because I'd already celebrated over the weekend. But let me tell you, awesome things happened:

1)I distracted my German teacher from the fact that I hadn't done my Hausaufgaben by the fact that it was birthday. He immediately commanded me to stand auf, and kissed me three times on the cheek while the class joined him in a chorus of Happy Birthday.

2) I met with my boss on the new project I've started. He gave me the go ahead to start writing! And told me that the Ensign Peak article should be out in December!

3)I received an awesome birthday package from my family! Thanks again for the bag mom!

4) Julia and Melinda took me out to dinner at Olive Garden. The waiter didn't quite understand my love of bread sticks, but we did strike up a lovely conversation with the busboy Julio.

5) My roomies made me cake.... This is less awesome. And more of a typically embarrassing Rebekah moment. I can laugh about it now though. I came home at 9:30. Exhausted. Being 21 wears on a girl. I proclaimed loudly that I was going to change into my giant 5xl t-shirt, and hop in bed to watch tv. Which I then promptly did. Unbeknownst to me, my roomies had made me cake, and then invited people to come sing to me. So there comes a knock at the door. My room mates come to beckon to the living room. "Who's here? Should I change?" I question. "It's up to you," they reply. Of course, I don't. I open the door. And who should it be but half the ward with a cake and flaming candles singing happy birthday, with me in nay but a giant t-shirt(don't worry, it comes to my knees and is therefor within the bounds of respectable modest night wear).

Indeed 21 has been good. I had been so afraid of getting older. But I think I like it. My life is so full and grand lately. I hardly believe how many good friends I have. Or the crazy things we do.... In fact, stay tuned for the next post: Dancing Under the Harvest Moon.

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