Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dancing under the Light of the Harvest Moon

I'd like to introduce you to some of my dearest friends:

Julia and Melinda.

I met Julia and Melinda on my study abroad more than a year ago.

They are incredible women.

Julia has this ability to immediately connect with people almost instantly. That is how she got a count to give her a ride back to the main road while we visited Kreuzenstein. I wish I could be more like her in that respect. She also has this insane passion for living that I envy. Life just seems more full and exciting whenever we're together. She has insane stories about the things she's done and seen. This may be a morbid thought, but I am excited for the people who get to sort through her belongings after she's died. Her house will be full of amazingly cool things. She is loyal. And rarely criticizes my emotional tendencies, which is great.

And then there is Melinda. Melinda makes me laugh uncontrollably. Even when we're not together, I think about the things that we've done and said later, and I burst into fits of giggles. She knows I can't see in the dark and holds my hand to guide me when I don't wear my glasses. Melinda has been the rock of our group this year. And I don't know how to thank her for it. There is no greater gift in life than a friend who listens. Melinda keeps me sane in German. Melinda keeps me sane in life for that matter.

This semester, we've been a bit inseparable. I think the thing I love most about these girls is that I am completely myself around them. I can be any type of emotion. And they understand. We talk about love and life all curled up on Julia's bed and I wouldn't replace it for anything.

On the night of the harvest moon, I suggested we do "pagan rituals" to celebrate. I love these girls because they took my suggestion and ran with it. We drove to the canyon bundled up, ready to give thanks to mother earth. In tow were paints, a wind chime, a stuffed cougar, a picture of a wolf (our spirit animal guide), and candles (to light and dance around). We didn't really complete any sort of pagan rituals (of course). Mostly we froze, danced around, and stared up at the stars. And then we went to 7-11 to end the night with gas station doughnuts.

These are my friends. I am proud and happy to say it. I hope we get to dance many more nights under the light of the harvest moon.

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Little J said...

I love talking about you, btw. I talk about you all the time. I'm super happy with how this semester has gone. I also love the harvest moon. I also love you! I miss you and i can't wait to be back in provo. Weeeee shouuuuuld have a sleep over this week and watch angus and also an affair to remember.