Monday, November 16, 2009

Spanish Riding School Practice

There are these world famous horses in Vienna, known as the Spainish Riding School. A lot of the Vinnese tradtions are carry overs from the court in Spain because there were Habsburgs on both the Austrian and Spanish thrones. So many earlier Austrian rulers would be educated in Spain. One of these carry overs are the horses from the Spanish Riding School. Megan and I went to one of their practices. The horses essentially 'dance'. There is fancy trotting movements to classical music. It was fun. However, I don't think that I would go to a performance. It was good to finally see the horses and know what their all about since I walk past their stables every morning. But I don't think I'm really that interested in dressage. I'm sure it's an extremely complicate process to train the horses the way that they do. But it hasn't been my favorite part of Vienna.

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Rachel said...

my crazy neighbor who steals our cat does dressage. (doesn't really make your like it any more now, huh?)