Monday, November 16, 2009

Cafe Central

You can't visit Vienna without visiting one of their many coffee houses. Coffee houses became popular after the Turkish invasions. It is Viennese legend that coffee was introduced through the Turks, but that's just legend.
Coffee houses were especially important for 1900 Vienna. Different groups would gather at different coffee houses to discuss whatever ideologies that had.
The other day for class, we visited Cafe Central, an especially famous coffee house in Vienna. Leon Trotsky frequently ate, read, and wrote in the Cafe Central. It's an extremely elegant coffee house. Of course when we all went, we all ordered hot chocolate. Which interestingly enough, is more expensive than coffee and used to be regarded as the drink for the social elite. It was soooo good. I ordered some Torte as well. It was so rich that I almost didn't finish it. But I did. Coffee houses are interesting places. I enjoyed my visit there.

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