Monday, November 16, 2009



Our German teacher came to class one day and told us that she had extra tickets to the symphony. And a few of us gasped out loud at the chance to see the Vienna Symphoniker. And I, very luckily I might add, was one of the five students to win the drawing to see the symphony.
The performance was in the Musikverein across from Karlskirche. It is a GORGEOUS building. The interior was all sorts of neo-classical. There were golden statues and frescoes all over the place. We were right at eye level with the chandiliers. Which were amazing and sparkled like few chandilers I've seen before.
There is nothing like hearing a symphony live. I'm afraid I might be setting myself up for disappointment if I ever go to the symphony again, just because my first exposure to it was the world famous Vienna Symphoniker. But it was a hardly describable experience. We had balcony seats. Which I think always provide the best acoustics. Not really the best view. But that hardly matters when you're going to the symphony. It's so amazing to see classical music performed live! It's like you are actually in the music. You can feel the vibrations of the music through your feet. You can see the look of concentration of the musicans' faces. And the bows of the stringed insturments move in unison. And you really feel a part of it all. And of course I got to hear Tschikovsky. Who is my favorite. It was meant to be. I will miss going to these performances every night.


Rachel said...

you always win things in class. remember when you won ten bucks in government? it's almost two years later and i'm still jealous.

Rebekah said...

Oh that was a glorious day! I love the American Government. And BYU! And Professor Patterson!