Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh hello Hallstadt!

So next we come to my favorite part thus far in my travels. The quaint little town of Hallstadt.

We drove from St. Florian up into the Alps (that's right, the Alps. talk about life dreams being fufilled here). It was like driving into Narnia. And the best part is, they have no Halloween or Thanksgiving here, so that means it's already time for Christmas stuff to be put up!!! Well almost. It really felt like Christmas. I guess we had an early snow. And even though I was definetely not prepared at all for snow as far as my clothes went, I was extremely happy to be there. It just isn't the Alps without the snow. I felt like it snowed just especially for us!

So we got there and stayed in this quaint little hotel, nestled just beneath the mountains on the side of Hallstadtsee. I don't think I've ever been more content with my life. Everything was just so picturesque. I think I want pumpkin soup every day of my life.

Our second day in Hallstadt, we got to tour the Salzkammer, or the salt mines for you non German speakers. This was one of my favorite days there. There are loud speakers playing in the tunnels with slightly creepy music and the words Salz and Stein are being whispered over and over. It was quite enjoyable and a little scary. On a more serious note, I found it comforting that there have been people mining salt in those mountains for thousands of years. Life is quiet in that small little town, and there may not be much excitement. But it is constant and sure as the mountains that surround it. People will continue mining salt there for many years.

But the really cool part was that I was literally IN the Alps! How's that for a life goal being accomplished?

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