Monday, November 2, 2009

The Hills Are Alive....

With the sounds of me being super excited to be in Salzburg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Salzburg. Mit meine ganze Herz!

Our first day there, we had a delightful older Austrian man give us a walking tour of the city. He was really funny and knew a ton about the city. I got to see a lot of filiming locations in the city from the movie The Sound of Music. I love that movie. It actually doesn't really have much basis in reality. There was a woman named Maria, who really did marry a Captian von Trapp. But their lives were not like the movie at all. Still, it's a fun film. After our walking tour was finished, we went on a tour of the castle in Salzburg where the archbishop lived. The interesting thing about Salzburg was that it was ruled by the archbishop. So he made all the laws and what not. The castle was like its own little town. We had some of the most amazing views of the Alps. Please see my facebook for pictures.

After we finished up at the castle, we ended up back at the gnome gardens. One thing that I really love about Austria is that they have a ton of public gardens. And they are always really beautiful and well kept.

The next day we had to ourselves and several of the girls and I went on the Sound of Music Tour. I got to see more of Salzburg. It wasn't surprising how much that Hollywood changed the story of the von Trapps. Their escape into Switzerland wasn't quite as dramitic as it's made out to me. Really the family just hopped their back fence and went to the train station behind their house. Climbing any mountain was not necessary, needless to say every mountain.

I'd have to say that my time in Salzburg will be one of my favorite trips of the whole semester.

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