Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some music things

Songs I'm obsessed with lately:

This song is playing EVERYWHERE lately. I can almost sing the whole thing when we go to noraebang. My students think its hilarious when I break out into the chorus.

This is a new band from my favorite Korean label, YG Entertainment. I hadn't really followed their début at all, but after the release of two of their songs, I think I've become a fan.

I've been a big fan of this band, Run River North, for quite a while now. I even follow their snap chat updates. Recently one of my friends went to a show of theirs in Chicago. I was devastated that I wasn't there too. Next time I'm in America I guess~ Listen to their whole playlist! Amazing.

And some other noraebang favorites here, here, and here (duh).

Since being here, I've been more than a little sucked into the kpop music scene. I need an indie fix desperately. Any suggestions on new good music?

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Julia said...

but have you heard the english version of eyes, nose, lips by tablo x taeyang? it's good b/c i can understand everything they're saying but the hook is just as good.