Sunday, August 17, 2014

As if my face could get any smaller

 What my hair looked like pre-cut
The picture I showed the hairdresser
The after
and then it kinda turned out like Amelie. What are you gonna do?
Sticker pictures bring me so much joy

Before the Korean Elder in my ward got transferred, he sent me this text. It says, "Sister Rebekah's talk was the best. You're our Daejeon mission seniors and you are a wonderful person, and we are sincerely always thankful to you. Love you!" (I mean like I'm pretty sure that's what it says)

When Karli came to visit, we went out for Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a tradition Korean dish that was invented in Jeonju. It is pictured in the lower left hand corner of this picture. Comprised of rice, and various vegetables, Bibimbap is a delicious and healthy meal. The rest of the dishes pictured here are traditional Korean side dishes. I cannot name what most of them are, but I ate them all ;0) But the potatoes in the middle of the right side of this picture were my favorite.

This is Karli. She's a peach.

Karli and I being touristy.
A cool shirt I bought at the Royal Portrait Museum in Hanok Village.

You can read more about this guy here.
Not related to anything. But funny for obvious reasons.


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