Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Long time no see, long time no see

If you can guess the k-pop song which the title of this blog post references, you get a gold star. If you don't know, than I suggest you click this link and experience for yourself the glory of the man known as T.O.P.

If my life were a book title right now, it would probably be "Life in Korea: A story of Unrequited Love." ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just kidding. I'm not half as pathetic as I make myself out to be in these videos... Promise ;0)

Even though it says I have more than a few hundred views on my videos, I'm gonna go ahead and insert some pictures here for those of you who are more of the skimming type. And who knows? Maybe sometime in the near future, I'll jot down some excellent prose here and finally post something of real wordy significance.
Cold Noodles~~~ I just posted this picture on Facebook. However, I just wanted to again state that though the ice has made me hesitant to eat this for months, I finally ate some today and it was soooooo good.

Just some pictures of Doek Jin Park. It's near the University here. And the lotus flowers are amazing.

You know how you go to ponds or smallish lakes as a child and you always see those swan paddle boats, but you could never ride them because it was too expensive. Well guess what folks, I finally rode in one! And only have a life jacket selfie to prove it.... Next time I'll get a picture of the boat.

The Musee D'Orsay has a travelling exhibition going around the world right now, and currently it's stopped in Seoul. I went with a friend who also studied art history. And as soon as I recover from whatever writer's block I have, I'll write a blog post about the trip... Maybe.
The National Gallery in Seoul with a view of Namsan Tower in the back. I really want to go back and check out their permanent collection some more.

One time I went to Suwon, but got completely lost and only spent 15 minutes there before I had to get back to Seoul. Needless to say, I have to go back again soon. This is the only picture I took from the taxi.


Norae Bang guys. No. Rae. Bang. (It means singing room. It's basically karaoke but in a private room. So you can go with your friends and eat food, share drinks. Basically it's my favorite place)

Stuffed with sweet potato crust

There's a really popular Children's TV show here about buses. So recently they made some of the buses look like characters from the TV show. I am a huge fan. It's increased use of public transit quite a bit in Seoul actually.

For the last YW activity, we made cookies. It was a huge fail. I think the weather is too humid here, so the cookies never hardened. My bad....

Man, oh, man. Korea is a beautiful place.

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