Monday, February 24, 2014

An Outing

I finally got to explore the city a little bit today. And, oh is it a beautiful place. A lot of Koreans have told me that there's nothing to see in Jeonju. It's shi-kor, the country-side. I, however, have found it rather fascinating. But I guess it's rather like me saying Sacramento is boring (which it is, and I don't know why a Korean would ever move there; which is probably how they feel about me moving to Jeonju).
On to the explorations! I met up with the sister missionaries and the YW President at the church building where we then hopped on a bus to go to a shopping area near the gaeksah. The gaeksah was a place where emperor's emissaries would stay if they were visiting the city during the Joseon dynasty. The translation of the word is something close to guest house. All around the gaeksah area are little shops with handmade items and delicious food, made to look like original Joseon buildings of course. It's totally touristy and I loved it all. I wish I had taken more pictures, but it was outrageously crowded with foreigners today for some unknown reason. I'll be back soon to take more probably. Near the gaeksah is a little neighborhood of houses with painted walls. It's totally tucked away. It was devoid of foreigners, which made me feel rather cool for being there.So now onto the picture dump! Minimal commentary will be included.
This is a Catholic Church down the street from the gaeksah. It's famous for a few different reasons- it's one of the oldest Catholic churches in Korea (or maybe just Jeonju); there was a bit of an Englightment for the masses type of revolution which started here; and it's been filmed in a few dramas.... ^^
 The entrance to the gaeksah. We didn't go inside. But maybe next time!
 And now onto the hillside of painted walls! You can't see how colorful it is from here, but you can see a little bit of the steepness. The whole trail was nothing but hills.
 Oh what a sly one you are Mr. Fox.
 This is a famous kissing street picture. When we approached it, a couple was having their picture taken right next to the wall in the exact same pose.
 Do you wanna build a snowman!?
They told me to do a flirtatious pose, like he was giving me the flowers.... I couldn't do it.
Why is the panda a reject animal?
 Sister Stradling and Sister Collyer!!
 Myself and the YW President, Ga Yeon Yi (pronounced "E")
 Sister Stradling is probably the best at Korean poses. I look like an idiot most of the time.
Cat and fish!
 All four of us! Sister Collyer, Ga Yeon Yi, myself, and Sister Stradling!

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dayisnight said...

I love that little village! Shane and I went there with a friend this past summer and i can't wait to go again!