Thursday, November 7, 2013

Making Peace with your Weight

My dear visiting teachee and friend Kylie, asked me to blog about my experiences in participating in the “re-capturing beauty” challenges which are part of a campaign BYU Women’s Services and resources does every year. Here is a link outlining the different challenges. Next week I am honored to be featured on Kylie's blog for the challenge on day nine. But for now, here's my day 3. 

 Today's challenge: stepping off the scale. Take the day to not think about your weight.

I think I failed today's challenge.

I've always had a problem with numbers. You can ask my MTC companion. We had the hardest time goal setting because we always wanted to measure our progress in different ways. Because I don't like numbers.

This aversion to numbers keeps me away from things like math... and scales of course. I've never had a problem stepping off of a scale, just stepping on one.

So when I say I failed today's challenge, it's not because I constantly stepped on the scale today, it's because I don't have the courage to step on and have the numbers mean nothing.

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