Friday, November 8, 2013

Get it girl. Coming to peace with excersise

My dear visiting teachee and friend Kylie, asked me to blog about my experiences in participating in the “re-capturing beauty” challenges which are part of a campaign BYU Women’s Services and resources does every year. Here is a link outlining the different challenges. Next week I am honored to be featured on Kylie's blog for the challenge on day nine. But for now, here's my day 5. 

Guys, blogging every day is HARD.

But today's challenge was fun. Today I did yoga. Not to exercise, but because my body and spirit need it.

With all the weight gain, I've felt a lot of pressure to go to the gym. At the gym, I'm uncomfortable. There's all these muscle-building mouth breathers. Who wants to be around that, really?

It just feels good to get back to the quiets moments where I can listen to the creaks my body speaks, and know that it is healthy and good to take a moment and just listen.

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