Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Falling Without You"

There's something beautifully delicious about fall. As I walked out of my door on my way to work this week, I could taste and smell it on the air. Fall is this unusual season that signifies so many things at once. As the trees and plants slowly fade away they envelop the world in a vibrancy of color, awakening the sense of sight to colors seen no where else. Yes there is death, but there is also vibrancy. It comes swiftly on the heels of summer, giving us all a reason to mourn. But there is joy in new beginnings of new semesters: new chances to learn, new places to see, new people to meet.

Fall for me always brings this feeling of nostalgia. The whole time you are experiencing it, you're grasping at a moment that will end before you can fully experience it.

Fall will always remind me of Vienna. Vienna in the fall smelled earthy and wet. It smelled of baked goods and sweaters and hot coco and teas. When I walked out of my apartment this last week, it smelled like Vienna: dank, but a good dank if that's possible. I closed my eyes for a brief moment as I brushed my fingertips along the brick of my building, hoping to capture, if only for the fleeting moment of fall, the essence of Vienna.

I opened my eyes, immediately transporting myself back to Provo. But instead of being disappointed, I just reveled in the mountains and the clouds.

It's kind of a beautiful world we live in, don't you think?

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