Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beginning of the Semester Review

A break down of classes:

ARTHC 310-Early Christian and Byzantine Art. This is my "fun" class. Quite honestly, the teacher doesn't seem particularly engaging. But he studied at Harvard or Prince, somewhere very ivy league. I figured if I wanted to learn about early Christian art, it would be best to learn it from him.

WS 352- Modern European Women Writers. Easily one of my favorites this semester. The class is titled women writers, but really we're discussing women authors; delving into film and the like. Professors from different colleges are collaborating on the class. I'll get to be taught by one of my favorite German professors again! (His class inspired this post, probably the best thing I've ever written) And there's only four of us in the class, which gives it the feel of a really sophisticated book club.

WS 222- Intro to Women's Studies. I know, I know. It's ironic that I've practically finished all other requirements for the minor except the intro class. But still, it's so so thought provoking. Also, I'm getting the opportunity to do things I likely wouldn't have done before; i.e. volunteer for a local women's non-profit, go through some domestic violence training, etc.

WS 392R- Women's Studies Colloquium. I LOVE this class. Essentially it's a lecture series on women's issues, but it brings in all the disciplines. Each week a different group of students introduces the speaker, gives a response to the presentation and then leads the question and answer portion. I'm working with the Korean film maker that's coming (insert excited look here). Click here for schedule.

And then there's my internship.

It's been hard cutting my hours now that school has started. I feel even less connected than before. Things are busier than ever before with the exhibition opening in two months. But it's so rewarding when I can really do something that contributes. When I look back on this exhibition, I know it will always be one of the best learning experiences of my life.

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