Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ali taught me this term: N.G.G.B.F.F.

It stands for Not-gay-gay-best-friend. Well technically I suppose it's best friend forever. But one "F" on the acronym wouldn't sound as good, and saying not-gay-gay-best-friend-forever doesn't sound good either.

But that's neither here nor there. The real point is every girl at BYU needs an N.G.G.B.F.F. (just G.B.F.F.s aren't really an option at BYU). I used to have so many. They would always pop up in the most unexpected ways: room mate's boyfriends, a guy from class, an FHE brother. No matter where they came from, their baking skills and boy advice was always welcome.

This semester, my life is practically perfect in every way, except for one thing. I have no N.G.G.B.F.F.


There is no source to turn to when insight on the male psyche is needed. No hugs to be given when a boy you like has blown you off (I mean room mate hugs are OK, but in that situation, you just need a MAN hug). 

It's positively dreadful. I need some masculine influence in my life!

Maybe I should be an ad in the Universe.

SWF currently seeking one N.G.G.B.F.F. for general companionship on Friday nights when neither parties have dates.

That sounds good right? 

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