Thursday, February 28, 2013

First time for everything

My schedule this semester has been intense to say the least.

But I've mustered through because I've loved it all so much.

But today, I'm going to let myself say it.


Let's do a little recap shall we.

6:30-7:40, wake up, scripture study, and general preparations

7:40-8:00, walk to school

8:00-9:25, work

9:25-9:30, book it to class

9:30-10:45, seminar on the gothic

10:45-11:00, meander back to work because I have time before the staff meeting

11:00-12:00, staff meeting

12:00-12:30, lunch!!!! yay!

12:30-1:00, appointment to meet with professor to talk about hafen paper, only he had to cancel and meet me after class, but that was ok because i ran into an old friend and caught about life, grad school, babies, etc.

1:00-2:15, American Art, my favorite. We're starting in on modernism.... I love modern art almost as much as a fat kid loves cake. So more like a fat kid loves mac and cheese.

2:15-3:00, study for Mormon Women's History midterm

3:00-3:30, buy blue blue book at the twilight zone, run to the testing center, stand in line for 20 minutes, finally start test.

3:30-5:00, test takes much less time than I thought it would! (insert cheers of joy here)

5:00-5:20, lunch break at TB. (taco bell, not tuberculosis)

5:20-6:30, study

6:30-9, work (still here currently, I'm going to die the time is going so slowly)

9:00-10:00, run to the gym where I meet up with Ali and Linds, who so very kindly have brought my gym clothes

And so goes my 14 hour day on campus.

I hope it never happens again.

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