Tuesday, January 8, 2013

just for class

This is part of the response I wrote in answer to the question "Why do you think women's history matters?" for my Mormon Women's History class:

Women’s history matters because it is history. Without women, there would be no human race. Several weeks ago, I read a blog post by a popular Mormon blogger about Mary and the birth of her son, Jesus Christ. She explained that although Mary kept parts of her story to herself, she eventually felt the need to share the miraculous events that led to the birth of her divine son. No one could have testified of these events except for her. I think Mary’s experience and the truths she shared stand as the universal reason for why we should study women’s history, and more specifically Mormon women’s history: women have large roles to play in the story of mankind; and in discovering those roles that might have been lost over the centuries, we can learn things about ourselves and the people we want to become.

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