Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Despite my sister's adamant protestations that I'm already on a vacation, I took a little jaunt to Utah this week (thanks to the compassion of Lindsey and Jared).
I've missed Provo. I've missed how a seemingly ordinary night can turn into a party before you've even realized what's happened. I've missed the late night talks with your best friends. I've missed falling asleep on the couch. I've missed singing in the car at the top of your lungs. I've missed it all.

Notable events this week:
-Chris making us all Cafe Rio for dinner, making up for his status as the bane of my existence
-trying to make cinnamon twists and failing miserably
-korean food with bushi
-getting sun burned, and falling asleep in my skirt because it would be cooler
-interpretive dancing to josh groban with jessie(even if it hurt, it was worth it)

We found this statue tucked away in Chris' apartment, we're still not sure whose it is.

Ever tried this?

Sister Bush and I pounded all of that!!!! Plus a kimbop!

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