Friday, April 20, 2012

Sometimes I do things. Not because I want to be a hipster. I do them because I'm cheap.

My library has a pretty good collection of foreign films.

I checked out several my last visit there.

After watching one on the tragic life of John Yeats, and then another on Edith Piaf, I think I need to go read some Jane Austen fan fiction as a pick me up or something.

Does anyone have any uplifting movies I can borrow?!

And I just ate a whole box of 몽쉘 in the process. (how embarrassing...)

Hip update: Steroid shot today. Extremely painful. The doctor said it would start working in a few minutes. 10 hours later, it's still worse than it's been in weeks. I don't care what they say. Nothing they've recommended has worked. I'm starting to run! Yeah! (I won't probably, but I'll seriously think about doing it!)
Don't be alarmed by the racy movie poster above. It was PG, I assure you. 

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