Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my insides are all freaking out

"Rebekah, when I'm not home, do you just sit around all day and read books and watch movies?" 

Why I was blessed with such a precocious 9-year old sister, I'll never know. But to answer her question as well as everyone else, the answer is yes and no.
See, the thing is I'm not like a normal RM. I would love to be out job searching, and beginning the rest of my life, as it were. But unfortunately, I'm stuck with this bum hip (which is hurting significantly less these days, thank you for asking).

So while my job searching has been limited to teaching English over the phone to Koreans,, and google searching clinical testing in my area (yes, at this point, I'm so desperate for cash, I would risk the possibility of growing a third limb just for a few hundred bucks), I did find one job listing that called to me.
Writer/Editor for KBYU

I had to apply. I just had to apply! The possibility that they'd email back was slim. I'm not a COMMS major after all.

The week passed.


"Oh well," I thought dejectedly. "It was a long shot anyway. I'm starting to make friends in the singles ward. Maybe I can endure a Sacramento summer... until Keva's wedding."

But then! Awakening me from my slumber this morning was a call from the 801 area code. It could only be BYU.
So I answered. And it was them!! It was them I tell you!
They wanted me to come in for an interview. But wait! I'm in California. I pleaded for a phone interview. They consented. They said they were impressed with my cover letter and resume (it was a good cover letter if I do say so myself, my resume needs some sprucing up however). So even if I can't make it out there this soon enough (they need someone ASAP), they told me to reapply. That's how much they liked my resume. But at least I have a phone interview! For my DREAM JOB! (ok, so I didn't know it was my dream job until I found out about it, but it is now)

I have to get to Provo. Does anyone want to buy my kidney? You only need one to live right? 


Jessie said...

I will buy it Rebekah! I will buy your kidney so you can come to me (and your newfound dream job) in Provo! If you can make it with just one kidney, I'm sure I can find a way to use a third.

Lindsey and Jared said...

We are going in two weeks....