Friday, August 12, 2011

One good thing packing has given me today

I hate packing.

Especially when I'm trying to fit all my non-mission stuff in three rubber-maid bins.

I thought I had already de-cluttered my belongings before & after my study abroad. But apparently not.

But I did find one gem of at the bottom of my junk box.

When I worked at the MTC, the missionaries used to leave me notes. Don't worry, it's not as scandalous as it sounds. I used to check their classrooms for cleanliness. If their classroom was especially clean, I used to try and make my evaluations of their room funnier than the mediocre classrooms. And they would leave notes in return.

Here is one of the notes, from a Korean district no less!

We've been here at the MTC for many days and nights, and all the notes we get from you are such a beautiful sight.
11 straight commendables was our lofty goal, and you our sweet room checker made our wishes whole. We always love your comments, they always make us smile, they make our cleaning efforts seem just so worth while.
And sadly now we leave you, we think it's quite a shame, that all this time we've been here we've never asked your name!
Julie, Beth or Gladys? Cindy, Lou, or Jan? Whatever your sweet name is, our love we're quite the fan!
Yes, we think your super, yes, we think your great. Maybe when we get home, we'll go on a group date!
Enough wishful thinking, yes, its time to close. We're off to Korea, to challenge Heaven's foes. We'll baptize many people, to make them clean again. And in two years we will come back, we hope you'll be our friend. :0)

And now... back to packing! (I hope I can meeting one of these missionaries some day... District 28b, are you out there?!)

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