Saturday, May 21, 2011

I promised Jessica I would blog about this

I'd forgotten how much I love longboarding until last Saturday when I pulled it out for a jaunt around my third floor balcony. It was barely anything, but made me catch the bug for it again. Unfortunately, it's been raining all week, and I haven't had anyone to go with, or any place to go.

Until this afternoon that is.

This really cool new girl just moved in next door, Jessica.
Jessica has the most bubbly and inviting personality I've ever met. She's just one of those girls you meet and want to become friends with. She invited me to go longboarding today. Immediately, my insides screamed yes! But my outsides were a little more reluctant. Because, you see, although I love to longboard, I am horrible. Well, not horrible per say, just extremely slow. Extremely. SLOW.
So, as we journeyed up to the canyon, I became more and more nervous. These kids were obviously going to go faster than I normally do. But, I figured I needed to just man up, so to speak, and try my best to go a little bit faster today.

We got on the trail at Bridal Veil for just a little jaunt down the canyon. And I was doin' ok. But I was a little frustrated at being so far behind everyone else. I didn't want to make anyone wait for me. So we came to a hill where I would normally walk. The path was a little gravely. But I decided to ride it anyway. But then,

I started wobble.

My feet got shakey. I tried to put more weight on my front foot hoping that would help.

But to no avail.
And that's when it happened.

The board went straight out from under me.

And I fell, right on my back. Or should I say elbow. (I do have a bit of road rash on my back, but no blood)
It hurts as much as it looks. Just in case you're wondering.
Luckily, I have the most amazing room mates who bandaged me up right when I got home. (They were good enough to put up with my screams as I ran my stinging flesh under the faucet)

So now I'm an invalid... constantly cradling my gauzed crippled arm against my side.

Don't pity me too much though (I'll probably milk it for all it's worth with my room mates, and that won't be good for my ego)


Alison Kae Hatch said...

I didn't know it was Jessica White that moved in next door! I love her! Well, I don't know her super well, but what I do know of her I love.

Jessica White said...

I am so glad that this is on your blog! I am so proud to say that you are hardcore! You are so cute!