Monday, April 11, 2011

BRONG! In which I prove that Leo isn't dreaming at the end of Inception

I am an optimist.

I always see the glass as half full. (when I'm not being dramatic)

So after seeing Inception for the first time, I just knew that Cobb had come back from limbo. Of course he wasn't dreaming! He had to see his kids again!!!

But others insisted, "No! He's still dreaming! His kids are wearing the same clothes!"

Well guess what!? They're totally not! In writing my final film paper today, I did a close analysis of their clothing.

They are wearing different clothes...albeit very similar outfits... But yes, they are different.

I took screen shots.

First scene of the movie

Last scene of the movie

hm (yes, that was my pretentious noise)


Kristi said...

what about them being the same age?

bekah said...

They are totally older at the end of the movie. watch it. you'll see. both of them have longer hair.

Maychee said...

I agree with you Rebekah! :D Leo's not dreaming!!