Monday, March 14, 2011

Week of Death

I thought I was busy in high school. My YW's leader gently corrected me and said that it only gets worse as you get older.

"How could I possibly get busier than I am now?" I thought. AP classes, newspaper editor, callings.... I really couldn't get any more busy.

Boy was I wrong....

Looks like its time to cut some things out for awhile. Back to the basics right?

Let's just go over the schedule for this week:
Tonight: FHE/birthday party
Tuesday: Salon at my German Professor's house/another birthday party
Wednesday: class until 6:30/RS activity
Thursday: Yoga/most likely laundry night
Friday: Film for TMA 102
Saturday: wedding dress shopping with my favorite en-gag-ed person and the roomies

And don't forget that Midterm due in 340, and the paper due 350. Plus regular homework.

I'm not complaining, or at least I don't mean to. I do love my classes and everything that I'm learning. But this is just a warning if I go MIA for a bit.

also, this song is great.

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