Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Puccini anyone?

Opera and love go together. But espeically when you get Puccini involved in the mix.

I love La Boheme. LOVE IT!

Guided by her voice, Rodolfo pretends to search as he draws closer to her.
Then his hand meets hers, and he holds it.
MIMÌ surprised Ah! They rise. Rodolfo continues to hold Mimi's hand
RODOLFO How cold your little hand is! Let me warm it for you. What's the use of searching? We'll never find it in the dark. But luckily there's a moon, and she's our neighbour here. Just wait, my dear young lady, and meanwhile I'll tell you in a word who and what I am. Shall I?
Mimì is silent
Who am I? I'm a poet. My business? Writing. How do I live? I live. In my happy poverty I squander like a prince my poems and songs of love. In hopes and dreams and castles?in?air, I'm a millionaire in spirit. But sometimes my strong?box is robbed of all its jewels by two thieves: a pair of pretty eyes. They came in now with you and all my lovely dreams, my dreams of the past, were soon stolen away. But the theft doesn't upset me, since the empty place was filled with hope. Now that you know me, it's your turn to speak. Who are you? Will you tell me?
MIMÌ Yes. They call me Mimi, but my real name's Lucia. My story is brief. I embroider silk and satin at home or outside. I'm tranquil and happy, and my pastime is making lilies and roses. I love all things that have gentle magic, that talk of love, of spring, that talk of dreams and fancies - the things called poetry ... Do you understand me?
MIMÌ They call me Mimi – I don't know why. I live all by myself and I eat all alone. I don't often go to church, but I like to pray. I stay all alone In my tiny white room, I look at the roofs and the sky. But when spring comes the sun's first rays are mine. April's first kiss is mine, is mine! The sun's first rays are mine! A rose blossoms in my vase, I breathe its perfume, petal by petal. So sweet is the flower's perfume. But the flowers I make, alas, The flowers I make, alas, alas, have no scent. What else can I say? I'm your neighbour, disturbing you at this impossible hour. SCHAUNARD from below Hey! Rodolfo!
COLLINE Rodolfo!
MARCELLO Hey! Can't you hear? You slow?coach!
COLLINE You scribbler!
SCHAUNARD To hell with that lazy one! Rodolfo, impatient, goes to the window to answer. When the window is opened, the moonlight comes in, lighting up the room.
RODOLFO I’ve a few more words to write.
MIMÌ Who are they?
RODOLFO Friends.
SCHAUNARD You'll hear about this.
MARCELLO What are you doing there alone?
RODOLFO I'm not alone. There's two of us. Got to Momus and get a table. We'll be there soon. MARCELLO, SCHAUNARD and COLLINE Momus, Momus, Momus. Quietly, discreetly, we're off. Momus, Momus. He's found his poem at last.
Turning, Rodolfo sees Mimi wrapped in a halo of moonlight. He comtemplates her, in ecstasy. RODOLFO Oh! lovely girl! Oh, sweet face bathed in the soft moonlight. I see in you the dream I'd dream forever!
MIMÌ (Ah! Love, you rule alone!...)
RODOLFO Already I taste in spirit The heights of tenderness!
MIMÌ (You rule alone, O Love!)
RODOLFO Already I taste in spirit the heights of tenderness! Love trembles in our kiss!
MIMÌ (How sweet his praises enter my heart ... Love, you alone rule!) Rodolfo kisses her. No, please!
RODOLFO You're mine!
MIMÌ Your friends are waiting.
RODOLFO You send me away already?
MIMÌ I daren't say what I'd like ...
RODOLFO Tell me.
MIMÌ If I came with you?
RODOLFO What? Mimi! It would be so fine to stay here. Outside it's cold.
MIMÌ I'd be near you!
RODOLFO And when we come back?
MIM Who knows?
RODOLFO Give me your arm, my dear ...
MIMÌ Your servant, sir ...
RODOLFO Tell me you love me!
MIMÌ I love you.
RODOLFO and MIMÌ as they go out Beloved! My love! My love!

Now just for a minute, imagine this is in Italian. and that you're listening to it in the Vienna opera house. Words can't even really describe the feeling of it all.

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