Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Art History Professors Are the Best

Especially eccentric Austrian ones. I'm learning more in Professor Kroell's class in one hour than I have in whole semesters of classes at BYU. I guess there's something to be said about Austrian education. Yesterday we learned about the development of sculpture. And basically, everything comes back down to one thing. Religion. (For more info on this topic read my blog about architecture) The first "sculptures" ever made were acutally idols made for worship of fertility. Later the Greeks worshipped the gods by displaying human perfection in the olymipics. The winner of the olymipics was then sacrificed as an offering to the Gods, and his likeness was made into a statue for the temples. After human sacrifices were no longer made, the statues were offered as the sacrifices. And then later, it became more of an art form. A way for artisans to tell stories about their history. I know this is kind of confusing. Professor Kroell explained it so much better in class. Today, we have three hours of excursion class with him... (Insert excited Rebekah face here)

Rachel. i wish you were here. you would understand my excitement. it's like sederholm, only not as funny, but just as informative.

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Rachel said...

i think i need a humanities class every semester. or maybe i just need you around to talk about art.