Monday, January 5, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth.... I mean Provo

So basically I had a wonderfully restful break in which i spent time with my family and friends. and i worked, which was not so fun. but it was interesting to say the least. Kidspark gave me a new sweatshirt which i throughly enjoy wearing all hours of the day. the only bump in the road over break was the embaressing situation at work involving a garbage can, me, a customer, and some vomit. I think you get the idea without me going into much detail.

And yet, while I love california, i have to say i left my heart in utah. i arrived home at the early hour of 5:45! bleck! luckily, my dearest roomie crystal was there to pick me up. many great and wonderful things have happened since then and I haven't been home for 72 hours. well maybe it has been 72 hours. but i've never been one much for math.

Saturday morning i slept through mostly. saturday afternoon ali and crystal and i went to the mall. we found a pretty interesting store, it's called unique gifts. check it out if your ever in provo. it's pretty..... unique. the name says it all i guess. and i told the friendliest sales person i've ever met at forever 21 that i was really more of a GAP person anyways so i probably wouldn't be purchasing anything at his store. he was none too pleased to hear that. oh well!

and then saturday night michelle and ali and i (the fearsome trio as i like to call us) and we made a little blood oath..... well not really. what made a pact. for any who would like to join us in this pact as well all you have to do is raise your right hand and say:

I (insert name here), will rid my lips of their virgin-ness this semester!!!!!

i tried to get them to sign something in blood. but they wouldn't do it. wimps...

so that's the story i'll be keeping everyone updated on this semester! well pretty much just you keva. cuz you're the only person who has this URL. lol.

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Rachel said...

is it too late to join the pact? i fear i don't have the time...