Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adventures in Zoobieville

Wahoo! first blog entry. and it's all thanks to keva! so thank you keva. I can now publish my semi-interesting life to hundreds, nay thousands, nay millions of people!!!! how exciting!!?!?
Life here in Provo is good. very very good. I'm just going to school right now, and working.

My job is interesting to say the least. I work for the office of space management here at the good old byu. Basically what i do is go around to different buildings on campus and count how many people are in them, and what the room is being used for. I check conference rooms, graduate offices, labs, practice rooms, classrooms. You name it, I've probaby checked it. well maybe not. i don't check bathrooms. that would be weird. annyhoo. i've encountered some "fun" people during my stint as a survey taker. I tend to get some strange looks. but most people are usually understanding that i'm just doing my job. others are just nightmarish! an example would be the dragon lady of the HFAC. That would be the fine arts building on campus. The HFAC is already hellish to work in because it's not like a normal building. There are several rooms on the 3rd floor that i have to check that cannot be reached while one is on the 3rd floor. I have to go outside, (and it's like 30 degrees) down stairs, check the rooms (that no one is usually in), and then hike back up the stairs. Lame! so i already dislike the HFAC. but then there's a lady in D160.... words cannot describe how much i loathe her. but i will try. she just can't seem to get it through her head that i'm not spying on her, i'm not checking her office every hour for my own pleasure, i'm not doing it to disturb her. I'M WORKING!!! everytime i go in, she has to make some sort of condescending comment. oh how she mocks me! she will forever be to me, the dragon lady of the HFAC. her office even fits with her nickname. it's like in this little cavish room in the basement of the building.... yeah. i can't stand her. ...moving on.

Sometimes I can be a fairly awkward person. I realize this. I've worked many years to try and hide this unusual characteristic about myself, but to no avail! My awkward side always tends to shine through in the end. However, I am very pleased to report, that while on my date this weekend, I was not the most awkward person!

So I went on this date with this nice guy. blah blah blah. that's not the funny part. the funny part was how i was not the most awkward person in the room. he was! so we went to a comedy show. which was super funny. I loved it. but then afterwards, we went to go buy ice cream. i got rasberry cheesecake. which is delicious by the way. but after we were served, he just started to walk away. WITHOUT PAYING. so i just kinda stood there. waiting, and waiting. finally, he was like what? so i finally mumbled out, "were you gonna pay for this stuff?" the look on my face was priceless i'm sure. what the heck does on do in situtation like that? so, he paid. but still, it's like something i would do right?forget to pay. And then, while eating the ice cream, a gummy bear goes flying from his bowel. and flies right into his ... we're just gonna say it was his lap. but yeah, it fell right into his lap. awkward. but yeah. there were many other awkward moments littered throughout the night. but i'll leave you to fill them in with you imagination.

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