Friday, July 3, 2015

Things that happened today that I don't want to forget

-I went to see Jurassic World for the third time today. I had begged one of the girls from my ward to see it with me, but couldn't wait until she and I both had time. I didn't want to tell her that I had actually already seen it. So I was expecting to be bored out of my mind, but she grabbed onto me firmly throughout the entire movie, and kept hitting me during the especially suspenseful scenes. Hard. It was like watching with a 10 year old instead of a 23 year old and it was great.

-We went to a hair salon after the movies. One customer was getting a perm and the owner of the hair shop had half "gold" half red hair, with black roots. I didn't realize for a good five minutes that the customer getting a perm was a man in his late 60s.

-The hair dresser was especially chatty. I can't remember most of what she said, but I do remember her asking me why the ends of my hair were damaged. When I said that I had dyed my hair black, the old man chimed in and said that of course I had dyed my hair black as black is the color foreigners (that's white people in Korea) like to dye their hair the most. And here I was thinking my whole life that it was blonde.

-I was telling my friend how much I hate the color of my hair-boring brown. It's not even a rich brown. It's just a dull brown. Then in her simple English, she said, "No. Your hair is very special, because, in Korea, we cannot make this color, even by dye." I still don't like the color of my hair. But it just goes to show you how perspective influences beauty standards.

-I was explaining to my 4th graders the concept of fast food, and later Taco Bell, and even later still what a taco and burrito are, when one of them finally said (in Korean), "Wow you really like Mexican food. Why don't you just move there?"

-I was trying to make a deal with my rowdy sixth grade class that if they worked hard and focused, we could play a game the last ten minutes of class. One of them proceeded to grasp his hands in front of his face, with his index fingers extended and pressed together, and in the most menacing Donald Trump voice, kept repeating, "Let's make a deal." He did this in English and then Korean. This is the same kid who meow'ed at me last week... *insert sighing emoji here*

-When the same class rejected all the game ideas that I had at the end of class I said, "Hey, tomorrow is America's birthday! Why can't you just have fun with me and play a game?" Then they insisted that they didn't want to play a game but wanted to sing an English song instead, something by Maroon 5. But I wouldn't have it. So I started singing My country tis of thee . Loudly. And off-key. I don't know what came over me. Must have been an outpouring of built up patriotism.

-I went to my favorite kimbop shop for dinner and they gave me a free Korean pancake. It's run by these two sisters in their thirties. They keep telling me to stop by at night if I get lonely. I think I might one of these days.

-I was trying to say (in Korean) in a text to my friend that my new haircut made me look like a man, instead I accidently said I look like a potato. *insert Japanese shrugging emoji here*