Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Buddha

Because of Children's Day and Buddha's birthday, I was rewarded with a four day weekend. So I went to Seoul, once again stayed with Lindsay's aunt, made a few friends, and actually felt a little normal. Without further ado, here's a video and pictures to explain all!

Narrowly missed the session, but it was nice just to be on the grounds.

View of Seoul from a mountain near Heather's house. You can see Seoul tower waaaay in the back.

Guys... Gorgonzola Pizza. I would marry it if I could.

We meet again Kim Soo Hyun

Found this in a store called "Art Box." Wasn't a huge fan of the scent...

This is the most famous palace in Seoul. I still haven't gone inside yet. Maybe next trip?

These were only a dollar. So yeah, I bought them, and wore them. Whatever. I'm a 14 year old girl sometimes. It's not a big deal.

At a Buddhist temple for Buddha's birthday. I was told festivities were not as big this year because of the Sewol sinking. But then I also heard that more Koreans were out praying on this day. So I'm not sure which is true. But it was cool to be a part of anyway.

One of the buildings on the temple grounds.

The worshippers faced this image of Buddha and bowed and prayed while the monks chanted names of those being prayed for. There were also food offerings left on tables in front of Buddha.

"Thanks for hearing our prayers Buddha~"

Some views of the mountain before I had to turn back.

Jessica and I.

People will pay money to have names attached to the bottoms of the lanterns, that the monks will then pray over. The colored ones are for living people, the white are for the deceased.  
That was incredibly delicious kimchee soup.

Don't worry, be self. #newlifemotto (purchased in Seoul)

Snap back here, snap back there, snap backs everywhere. (Purchased in Seoul)

This shirt ended up being a huge hit when I wore it to work on Friday. I didn't think the Koreans would think it was funny. But one of my co-workers laughed about it for a solid 2 minutes. Go figure. (Purchased in Seoul)

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