Wednesday, March 19, 2014

But ya gotta have friends...

Maybe I'll start titling all of my blog posts with movie quotes.

Lately, to fill the silence of my apartment, I've been sucked into the world of "foreigners in Korea" videos on YouTube. Usually I click on one, and then somehow a half hour later, I've watched five. They are strangely addicting (to make as well as to watch if you've seen any of my past blog posts). One video was particularly interesting to me. The host (is that the right term???) was talking about how he saw his relationship with his Korean ex-girlfriend as especially enlightening because he got invited into a Korean home once to meet her parents, and that just never happens.

I kind of scoffed to myself and thought, "Seriously?" I visited a Korean home almost everyday this last week except for Monday and Saturday. I guess I just didn't realize how completely different my experience has been from most English teachers. It's pretty lucky I think. These people have opened their hearts and homes to me. How can help I but love them back?

But I have realized lately I should put in a little bit more effort to make friends with people my own age, who speak my same language. I have so many questions that Koreans sometimes can't answer. Like clothes shopping! Where do I find clothes that will fit normal sized people?! So I've resolved to try harder to make more friends. Especially because I realized today that I want to go clothes shopping and I've never gone by myself before, because apparently I cannot purchase anything without asking a second opinion.

In conclusion, I love my Korean friends. I'm blessed to have them. But I need to make foreign friends.

And now some pictures of today's "Korean Class" (also titled, "A Trip to the Jeonju National Museum):

I can't control this pose. It just happens when someone pulls their phone out to take a picture. MY B.


I feel a little bit bad about posting this because it's such a bad angle of Oh Kyoung Mi. It doesn't quite look like her at all. But I wanted to share with everyone a picture of my very absolute favorite Korean ever (yes, I know... I have a lot of those. But really she is my favorite favorite).
Also, as I was typing this post, a couple from church called to ask me to lunch tomorrow. The wife is a professor at the university, and the husband is a retired professor. They both studied architectural landscaping. They're going to tell me tomorrow all about plants, and tree, and flowers. HOW COOL IS MY LIFE? 


Stefanie Morris said...

Answer: Your life is SOO cool! Love reading about it Bekah!

Kylie said...

You are so cute! And with my best friend from home being Chinese, I pull that pose out allllll the time.

Lindsey and Jared said...

You look so stunning! I am so glad you are having such a great time! Now go make some foreign friends ;)