Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wanna succed in life? How about watching a Korean drama?

To all those who criticized my habit of watching Korean dramas, to you who called me obsessed, to you who mocked, to everyone out there who just didn't get it, I say,

"Joke's on you suckas!"

It turns out, watching K-dramas has not only improved my understanding of the language, but it has also given me the foundation for a good relationship with the kids at school. The drama that everyone is watching right now is called, "My Love from another Star."

The plot is strange to say the least, but it stars some of the best Korean actors. The male lead, Do Min Joon, is an alien (see, I told you it was weird), that lands on earth during the Joseon dynasty. The female lead is a self-obsessed A-list celebrity. They live next door to each other, and of course, as all K-dramas tend to go, the two fall in love. But through a series of miscommunications and unwarranted reasons that they should deny themselves love, the couple doesn't end up together for most of the series. (The last episode ended with a kiss scene, so who knows, maybe they'll end up together for more episodes than normal!)

The actor that plays Do Min Joon is one of the most popular in Korea. It helps that he is perhaps the most beautiful man to ever grace the earth with his presence. But besides being a gorgeous man, in this drama, Do Min Joon has special powers. Teleportation is one of his most popular tricks, and in the drama he will often open a door quickly, and vanish before getting to the other side.

The kids have reenacted this several times when leaving the hogwan for snacks.

There hasn't been a day yet where his name isn't mentioned in the hogwan.

I gotta say, I ain't complaining.

It may seem trite, but people are really happy that I've made an attempt to learn things about their culture; be it TV shows, food, or the language. My Korean isn't very good, but my boss has told me it makes the other teachers more comfortable around me. I met a math teacher the other day that said she had been teaching at the hogwan for 3 years and she had never had a foreign teacher speak to her in Korean (at least that's what I think she said, it was in Korean, so I'm not sure).

I still feel as though I'm doggy paddling around here, but oh, the water is warm and the sun is shining. So I don't mind one bit.

We'll skip the video diary today and post a video much more enjoyable to watch:


Oh to be that suitcase...

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