Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 10

Yesterday I was exhausted.

Bone tired, I plodded home. I had sanded coat check tags for four hours at my internship. I was happy to do it of course, but the standing hurt my hip, and somehow gave me blisters (go figure on that one because I wasn't moving)... When I started up the stairs at my apartment complex I thought about stopping right there. I still had a mountain of homework to do and I felt this overwhelming guilt at leaving my boss at the museum when I really wanted to stay and help. Suddenly I realized that the only way I could make it through the week without going absolutely insane was prayer.

So I prayed. A little silent one while walking up to my apartment.

Please let me make it through this week without going crazy.

Please let me make it through tonight without going crazy.

Help me with this test next week that I just learned was happening yesterday.

The silent prayer ended about half-way up the last flight of stairs. And then I began thinking about how much I needed a pick-me-up. Like chocolate or a note would've been great. But I have no idea who my visiting teachers are, so the expectations were low on that front. And the lights had all been off in my apartment when I walked into the complex. So no roommates either.

But as I stepped up to the door, I saw someone had left a note with my name on it. It was the sweetest note from a girl in my ward.

Bodies, souls, and spirits-God knows us. Like so many times in my life, my physical exhaustion wasn't taken away in that moment. But a calm reassurance that He knows me and had sent me a little pick-me-up through a friend made it all much easier to bear.

I'm glad the challenges culminated in this last invitation to remember that we are daughters of God and that we have this divine identity. Because when it comes to feeling beautiful, that is always the number one thing we should remember.

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