Monday, November 4, 2013

A Mirror Image

My dear visiting teachee and friend Kylie, asked me to blog about my experiences in participating in the “re-defining beauty” challenges which are part of a campaign BYU Women’s Services and resources does every year. Here is a link outlining the different challenges. Next week I am honored to be featured on Kylie's blog for the challenge on day nine. But for now, here's my day 1.

I feel like I’ve been in a battle with the mirror for the past year and a half. The weight gain from all the surgeries isn’t something I like to talk about, but since my last post on body image, it's something I feel the need to address and talk about. I think they have it right with this first step -making peace with the mirror. We’ve gotta make peace with what we see in the mirror because our reflection is everywhere. Instead of putting up inspirational quotes or aphorisms on my mirror, I put up a picture of Jesus Christ. Does that seem hyper religious to you? I hope not, because it keeps me sane. Because rather than fixate on the length of my nose, the unruliness of my eyebrows, or an unsightly blemish, I look at my Savior in the eyes. I think about the price paid for my body. And then I glance back to my face. Suddenly, I am able to see myself through the eyes of someone whose love for me knows absolutely no bounds.

And that’s how I make peace with the mirror.

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