Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Hair piece... I mean hair peace... Whatever

My dear visiting teachee and friend Kylie, asked me to blog about my experiences in participating in the “re-defining beauty” challenges which are part of a campaign BYU Women’s Services and resources does every year. Here is a link outlining the different challenges. Next week I am honored to be featured on Kylie's blog for the challenge on day nine. But for now, here's my day 2.

Koreans have this annoyingly good skill of being cute and sophisticated at the same time. For example, grown women can wear bows in their hair, and it's like whatever. EVERYBODY DOES IT. Especially girls my ages. So, naturally, like every other American sister missionary, I bought a ton of bows while I was there.

And of course, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've worn them. So for this challenge, rather than just let my hair go natural (because it basically looks the same as when I "straighten" it), I decided to throw my hair up in a bun with a pink bow to accent it.

I felt like I was five years old. I was running around, trying to pack for Chicago. I was a mess that day anyway. It was not a bow-wearing kind of day to say the least. It did not make me feel good, and I was not at peace with my hair.

So today, I decided to just go ahead and try again. I wore a decorative headband. I think I got five compliments, one from a stranger even!

The point with my hair is that I'm already pretty at peace with it. I try outrageous things all the time. I've been blonde, brunette, red(well, purple actually. It was an accident). I've done ombre. I've cut it so short they needed a razor to trim off the back.

I guess I'm at peace with my hair because I know that while it's a form of self-expression, it's not me. I am not my hair. But I still love it anyway.

And that's my day 2. Over and out.
"Crazy, end of the day, maybe I'll get around to brushing it before I go to sleep" hair

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