Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That awkward stage I'm still trying to grow out of

You know how I'm trying to get over that whole shy thing that developed when I was a shut-in this summer (it was my hip's fault)?

Here's how today went:

Lindsay and I were walking after devotional. And I see a boy from my ward.

"Hey!" I yelled. He was far, but not to far that I couldn't tell it was him. Which is quite a feat when considering my near-sightedness.


That was his response.

And then but a few minutes later, Lindsay and I walked down a hallway in the JKB. I saw a girl from work reading a book on a bench.

"Hey Lindsey!" I said.

She seemed not to notice, but then looked up.

"Hey," I said, "I just said hi, but I guess you didn't hear."

"Well, someone said hi Lindsey...." And then I remembered. Her name is totally Sarah....

This is why I stopped saying hi to people I know on campus.

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