Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Habit

I don't know how it happened, but somewhere between Korea and now, I went from talking to random people on the street to shrinking into invisibility every time I see someone I know on campus.

In fact, it just happened as I walked home. I saw a boy from my ward, but instead of saying hi, I shrunk deeper into my scarf and kept walking towards home. I was like a little turtle.


It's for several reasons actually.

1) I'm near sighted. So I usually convince myself that the person that I'm seeing that I know may not actually be that person. So I don't say hi. (in my defense, I have had some awkward experiences where I've thought I saw someone I knew, said hi quite exuberantly, and it wasn't them.....awwwwkwwwwwward).

2) I've had a really hard time remembering English names since I've been home from Korea. But I can't remember Korean names that well either. Soooo, it really has turned out to a no win situation. But this fact deters me from saying hello to people I've recently met. Because I'll probably get their name wrong.

3) I'm just not as cool as I used to be. So if I see someone I know I figure that they're probably too cool for me to say to. And they probably don't remember me, so why bother...

All bad excuses right? So I've tried to make a goal to say hi to people if I know who they are, even if they might not know me. So I may have failed earlier tonight, but I did pretty well earlier this week.

No more invisible Rebekah.

Yeah, I think it's time to stop doing this. (via)

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