Monday, January 14, 2013

An Ode to my Mailbox

Oh mailbox,
how torturous is thy gaping mouth.

You mock me as I approach in the cold.
Hopeful, and searching
my eyes meet thee first when I turn onto my street.

I skip gleefully to thy side.
Papers push their way to the top.
And for a brief moment, I think I see
a bright envelop postmarked from my favorite country.
But alas, thy insides hold nothing but useless ads and credit card offers.
 And betimes a letter or two.

But none for me.

I walk inside dejectedly. Nothing to comfort my cold, lonely, soul.

Why mailbox why?

(please imagine me reciting this on a lone stool in the middle of a spotlighted stage... I would especially encourage the audience to snap when I finish) 
The above video has nothing to do with mailboxes or letters from Korea. I just wanted to illustrate how ridiculous I find everyone that is complaining about cold weather in California. How do you feel about -6 degree weather.... Talk to me then.

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