Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ali's Theory of Disengaging

This semester Ali is studying geriatric nursing. Which is quite convenient for her I think, being that she has my 80 year old self as a case study.

Last week she explained this theory of aging to me. It's when a person disengages from society because they're getting older, preparing to die and all that jazz. After she was done explaining this theory, we realized that I was in fact proving this theory to be very true.

My plans for last night were to stay at home and catch up on my shows. That sounds pretty pathetic doesn't it? A college student in her prime excited to stay home on Friday night? I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't what I already do every other night of the week. Living in a house has taught me how to be solitary, something I've never experienced before nor thought I would appreciated. But it is what it is, and so a solitary creature is what I have become.

But maybe I'm not so disengaged as I believed.

Last night the girls came over. The good old CP gang. And even though Micky Yoochun was calling in the form of my new favorite Korean drama, I went out.

I went out, and I danced. I danced like I haven't danced in years. And these people that have known me forever had no idea that I could dance the way I did. Surprise.

And then we went to the dollar movies at 12:30.

It felt so good to just be spontaneous and a little bit crazy. It felt so good just to laugh. I've been so afraid that I've lost those things since I've been home from my mission. But nope, it's still there.

Most of the time I'm 80 years old and disengaged from society, but sometimes, sometimes I feel 23 again. How novel. 

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Lindsey and Jared said...

I am SO GLAD! It's easy to be a hermit, but just enjoy this time of your life!