Monday, December 3, 2012

A few things about today

This song is what got me through work today (this love affair I'm having with Korean pop stars is getting RIDICULOUS. It's with great difficulty that I don't start another drama right now).

I couldn't for the life of me focus on putting together my Women in Art final presentation. Consequently what should have taken me 30 minutes, took several hours instead. My presentation is on LDS representations of Eve. So, I think the hardest part was trying to summarize everything I learned in an 8 minute presentation. (Click here for some of my favorite paintings of Eve)

And lastly, I found out the hard way that there were leftover potatoes still in my oven from break the fast.

Rough times.

Now, just two more papers to write by Wednesday. A novel to finish by Thursday. And then it's free and clear! Well, until finals (two more tests and a ten page paper).

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